We welcome Hayley to Interlink Recruitment

Hayley Slate, Recruitment Consultant13 November 2017

Joining us just as we moved to our new offices on New Bailey Street, Hayley Slate will be recruiting for Personal Injury as well as Legal Support roles.  Here she shares more about her background...

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We've moved to new offices in Manchester

Clare Knowles, Marketing Consultant06 November 2017

After just over six happy years at our home on King Street in the centre of town, we have recently moved to brand new, shiny offices on the rapidly developing New Bailey Street, just across the river...

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Our new website is here!

Clare Knowles, Marketing Consultant31 October 2017

If you have clicked any links to our website recently, whether to read our blog or browse a job role, you may have noticed a considerable change.   In fact, you may have thought you’d...

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Turning 30!

Dalia Goldstein, Senior Consultant24 October 2017

This week I’ll be turning 30.  Yes, 30!  And whilst I am very excited to celebrate this milestone with my family, friends and colleagues, turning 30 has brought a mixed bag of emotions...

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Work life balance misconceptions

Ryan Kerr, Associate Director18 October 2017

I've written this article following several interesting conversations recently with lawyers who are considering options in the market, and having to break down what I consider misconceptions in re...

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Why value employees before clients?

Interlink Recruitment09 October 2017

If asked the question who do you value more, your staff or your clients, on first thought you might well reply clients.  Of course, customers are important to your bottom line, to the sustainabil...

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The counter-offer

Gemma Rush, Senior Consultant02 October 2017

Unless you are a recruiter or have previously received one, the counter-offer might be something completely new to you.  But rest assured, counter-offers happen a lot and as recruitment activity...

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Attract & retain talent

Jacob Thomas, Senior Consultant25 September 2017

In recent years, the legal profession has seen many changes and there are yet more to come when you consider further advancement in technology, shifts in workforce culture and demographics, as well as...

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Writing your way to new business

Clare Knowles, Marketing Consultant18 September 2017

One of the many skills lawyers must possess, is the ability to write.  From drafting legal letters to preparing other legal documents, clear and concise written communication with finite attentio...

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The perks for today's lawyers

Interlink Recruitment11 September 2017

Of course, it’s not the most important thing and shouldn’t be the basis upon which you select a new firm, that’s where the culture fit, opportunity and quality of work come in; but t...

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